.tr domain name registration required documents

It is sufficient to send only one of the official documents listed below.
For Ad-soyad.com.tr, no documents are required for domain name applications that correspond exactly to their credentials. However, in case of a technical problem when connecting to the Mernis system or if the domain name is not matched exactly, the T.C. or a copy of the identity card with an identification number. as well as a copy of the identity card without identification number T.C. photocopy of the output from a web page with an identification number,
For commercial entities and entities, any of the documents mentioned in the following three articles,
which is taken from the Chamber of Commerce "Annual Document", "Commercial Registration Certificate", "Room Register of surrogates" or trade name of the ad, which was published in Turkey Trade Registry Gazette,
"Trademark Registration Certificate" or "Brand Application Certificate" obtained from Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority,
Turkey, which is taken from the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans "Certification of Registration" or "Trade Registry Gazette"
The signed request letter of the mayor for the applicant municipalities to create a portal for the relevant settlement,
"Association Statute", "Foundation Act" or "Establishment Law" for foundations, associations or chambers,
Turizm Tourism Management Certificate Turizm, taken from the Ministry of Tourism for hotels and resorts,
For travel agencies, "Travel Agency Business Certificate", taken from the Ministry of Tourism,
For Courses, Ministry of National Education "Private Education Institutions License",
Television Broadcast Document from the Ministry of Culture for television programs
Registration registration certificate for film names obtained from the Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Copyright and Cinema,
Registration certificate for artists, member associations, associations or chambers (MESAM, SESAM, ÇASOD, etc.),
"Private Hospital Opening and Responsible Manager License" from the Ministry of Health for private hospitals,
"Liaison Office Opening Certificate" issued by the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury Foreign Investment General Directorate for the liaison offices,
Foreign distributor in Turkey for an organization or for organizations representing, on behalf of the referenced fields are required registration certificate. In addition, signed and stamped authorization certificate on the letterhead documenting the permission of the name-owner company to be received by the distributor or the representative company,
An official letter for radio and television, informing the frequency allocation received from the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK),
For magazines and newspapers, the "original of the journal / newspaper" and the "Certificate of Receipt of the eten
For non-periodicals, the original,
For drug names, "Foreign Medical Preparations License",
Registration certificate for farms from the agricultural chamber.
For ships, "Ship ratification of the Republic of Turkey"
Et Trade Fair Permit Letter an received from the Ministry of Industry and Trade
"Special Service Number Allocation Certificate" received from Turkish Telecommunication Authority for special numbers

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